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Childrens Bikes

Exploring by bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and with our super range of bikes for kids, children can learn to ride. Our range of children's bikes include balance bikes - small kids bikes without pedals that help your child get used to balancing and steering first, before they have to learn the co-ordination of pedalling. In general, children learn to ride a bike without stabilisers more quickly and confidently if they start out on a balance bike.

Progressing on to pavement cycles, our junior bikes range with 12" - 16" wheels mostly come with stabilisers as standard - all of our kids bikes are chosen for their quality using proper steel bearings instead of the plastic bushes found on some of the cheap kids bikes for sale.

After around seven years of age, 18" wheel boys and girls bikes usually come without stabilisers - although we do stock kids stabiliser wheels if you need to add them. At the 20" wheel size, gears begin to be introduced as your child learns to cycle further - at this point family bike rides are a great day out with your children riding independently on leisure trails.

24" wheel bikes and small-frame 26" bikes are the final transition with specifications similar or the same as adult bikes.

Our range includes Raleigh kids bikes, Tiger children's cycles and Urban Culture BMX bikes - we've cycles for kids of all ages available for mail order or at our cycling superstore in Sheffield, with a free first service on all store collected bikes.