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Towbar Bike Racks

Towsure stock a wide range of towbar bike racks to suit all needs and budgets - from cheap bike carriers to a deluxe folding cycle carrier. Carry bikes on a towbar with the right bicycle carrier for your needs - towbar cycle carriers which mount directly onto the towball are suitable for carrying bikes on swan neck towbars or on fixed towballs, but cannot be used whilst towing. This type of bicycle transport includes our deluxe carriers which tilt to allow access to the vehicle boot. A folding bike rack for car carrying is easier to store away when not being used.

If you want to carry bikes whilst towing a caravan, then choose a bicycle carrier with a mounting plate that bolts between the towball and the towbar. This type of carrier is only suitable for bolt-on towballs.

To carry bikes on 4x4 jeep vehicles with a spare wheel on the back door you may need one of our special 4x4 cycle carriers.

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