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Camping Kitchen Stands

Taking the backache out of cooking on the campsite, our range of folding camping kitchen tables are just the ticket when cooking for a hungry family with a healthy appetite, or just for yourself. Cook without balancing chopping boards on your knee or crouching down over a camping stove with our lightweight camping kitchen units.

The most basic folding kitchen stands are ideal for holding a stove at a comfortable working height, with one or more shelves to keep food or pots and pans organised below.

Other models of camping kitchen include a larder for food storage, right up to the deluxe models with a large worktop for food preparation and kitchen sink for washing.

Using a camping kitchen stand means that campsite cuisine needn't be limited - a tasty and nutritious meal can be prepared just as easily as on your home kitchen units - after all, baked beans and sausages might be the traditional camping food but why stop there?

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