The FREE Towsure Loyalty Points Card.

The REAL Camping & Caravanning Discount Card

At Towsure we truly believe in putting our customers first. We value all of our customers old and new, who visit us time and time again for our Quality, Service and Value that has kept us the caravanner's favourite since 1967

No Annual Fee

As a reward for your continued loyalty, we are delighted to introduce our FREE loyalty card offering unique benefits and discounts on future purchases made through our website, by telephone or in our outdoor leisure superstores in Sheffield and Halesowen

Why Pay for Discounts?

Unlike some other discount cards membership of the Towsure scheme is completely free. We don't charge you for discounts, every pound you spend builds your points balance towards discounts on future purchases

How does it work?

It's simple! Once you have your Towsure loyalty points card, when you shop in-store, online or by telephone, every pound you spend adds to your points balance.  When you log into your account online or purchase from our retail store the balance of your points will be converted into cash back and you can deduct the value off your following purchase at point of sale.  You have the ability to use all or part of the value accrued cash back putting you firmly in control

How do I get a Towsure Loyalty Card?

Shopping In Store: Just ask at the till - our checkout operator will be happy to give you your new points card, loaded with points from that day's purchase

Shopping Online: You will need to create an account at checkout - or, if you already have a login for, log in to your account when making a purchase.  One you have created an account any purchase made will be eligible to accrue points and redeem on your next purchase after the qualifying period by using the simple loyalty points slider on future purchases.

Shopping By Phone: If you do not already have a loyalty card, our friendly telephone operator will ask if you would like a join the free loyalty programme.  Points for this purchase will be accrue and by creating your account online following the emailed instructions you can view your points balance.  This can be redeemed off your next order via any method either online, by phone or in store.  If you order via the telephone the operator will be able to deduct the full or part value off your next order at your request.

How do I collect points?

Shopping In Store: Bring your card with you when you shop in store and present your card at the till.  If you forget your card, ask the operator to look up your account on the till and they will be happy to assist.

Shopping Online: Please make sure to log in to or create your account when making a purchase. Points will be automatically added and you can view accrued points at any time in your account dashboard.

Shopping By Phone: When you use the same billing address as your loyalty card is registered to, points will automatically be added to your account.  If you wish to see your points balance you must log in or create an account and you can control your points in the customer dashboard.



These are the terms and conditions which apply to your membership of the Towsure Products Limited Loyalty Scheme ('the Scheme') and the allocation of Towsure points on purchases made using your Towsure account. 'Account' means a retail account held with Towsure Products Limited eligible to accumulate points against purchases.
The Scheme enables you to earn points from Towsure Products Limited when paying for goods or services from either Towsure Products Limited's retail outlets or via Towsure Products Limited's web site. In addition purchases made from eligible indoor exhibitions i.e. NEC (National Exhibition Centre) Birmingham.

There is no charge for joining the Towsure Loyalty Scheme, and no additional charging thereafter. This Loyalty Scheme is completely free for account holders to use and enjoy exclusive offers.

1. The Scheme is promoted by Towsure Products Limited ('we') and is available to all persons who submit a completed application via the link, and successfully create a valid retail account.
2. The Scheme is only available to retail accounts, successfully registered using the instructions supplied with the loyalty card.

3. Membership of the Scheme is entirely at our discretion, and accordingly, we reserve the right to refuse/cancel any applications.

Towsure Points:

4. Towsure points will be allocated at the following rate:
a. For purchases in any Towsure store (retail sales only), online at or at qualifying outdoor shows, account holders will earn one point for each full £0.01 spent.
* Example: A £500 sale would equate to 50,000 points. Every 5000 points has the equivalent cash value of £1 sterling, therefore the example used would be worth £10 off your next purchase, from the eligible date.
b. Towsure points cannot be exchanged (cashed in) for any monitory value and are not transferable, Towsure Products Limited reserve the right to exclude products/services from the loyalty scheme at any time at our absolute discretion.
c. Points will be issued at the rate detailed above on goods/services only, carriage charges will not be eligible to accumulate points.
d. Towsure points will only become active 15 days after the date of purchase.

5. We may from time to time offer you Towsure bonus points for specific promotions, subject to availability, but you will always be advised of the bonus points when the offer is made.
6. We reserve the right to vary the Towsure points available, and the rate at which points will be allocated, from time to time or to cease to offer Towsure points. Any change will be notified by the display of notices in our stores and/or advised to you in your reward mailings.
7. Towsure points cannot be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers. Towsure points and reward or bonus vouchers cannot be transferred from one person or account to another unless specifically notified and agreed by us.
8. Towsure points will only be added in relation to a valid account at the time that purchases are applied to your account or may be added at our discretion within the rules laid down by this and other Schemes as may be notified from time to time.

Towsure reward vouchers

9. Towsure points will be converted to Towsure reward vouchers when their value exceeds a cash equivalent value of £5.00 (minimum) and sent to you, either by email or by post. Any Towsure points not converted to reward vouchers (below the £5.00 threshold) will be carried over until the next Towsure reward vouchers award date and will be shown on your reward statement. Collection periods will be run approximately every month, or as notified.
10. We reserve the right not to send account holders a mailing in the event that the points balance has not changed from the previous statement, or insufficient points have been earned to generate reward vouchers. Minimum reward value is £5, equal to 25000 points, and the minimum reward level will be mailed each collection period at our discretion.
11. Towsure reward vouchers will be valid for the dates shown on the Towsure reward voucher(s). Towsure reward vouchers that are presented after the expiry date stated will not be valid, unless specifically agreed by us. Towsure reward vouchers may only be redeemed against Towsure product ranges, products/services in our stores and the product range online at
12. No change will be given where a purchase is less than the face value of the voucher, when redeemed in our retail stores. When a purchase is less than the face value of the order online, any remaining points will roll over onto the next statement and will be made available when exceeding the minimum values as set out above.
13. We will notify you, in your regular reward mailing, in the event that the opportunities for redemption of the Towsure reward vouchers are amended.
14. Towsure reward vouchers cannot be redeemed against the purchase of Towsure Gift Vouchers, or redeemed against accounts other than retail.
15. We reserve the right to substitute or remove product ranges/services/offers available for redemption using Towsure reward vouchers at any time without notice.
16. We cannot be responsible for any loss of Towsure reward vouchers once despatched to you.


17. If a product is obtained solely using Towsure reward vouchers any refund will be given in credit vouchers. No cash refunds will be given in these circumstances. Where applicable, credit vouchers will be refunded to equal the value of Towsure reward vouchers originally tendered.
18. If you change your mind about a product purchased using your loyalty card, you should present your card with the returned goods so that any Towsure points awarded for the original sale can be deducted from the account. If your purchase qualified for bonus points and the refund breaks the original promotional criteria then the bonus points earned in the original transaction will be deducted. If a refund is completed after reward vouchers have been issued, then points earned in the original transaction will be deducted and the points balance on an account may become a negative value.


19. Your membership of the Towsure Loyalty Scheme starts when your account is opened. This Scheme is operated by Towsure Products Limited.
20. All products featured in the reward mailings are subject to availability, and prices may differ from those printed in the reward mailings.
21. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the scheme at any time giving account holders seven days' notice in writing.
22. We reserve the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions of the scheme. Any changes will be notified by the display of notices in our stores or advised in writing.
23. A copy of the latest Terms and Conditions of the scheme can be obtained from Towsure Products Limited, 151 - 183 Holme Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 4JR.
24. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action where the account holder has breached the Terms and Conditions of the Towsure Loyalty Scheme.
25. In the case of dispute, the decision of Towsure Products Limited shall be final.
26. Should you lose or accidentally disclose your account number or mislay your account card, you should contact us immediately. Please make sure your account name and address are kept up-to-date and accurate to minimise security risks. We cannot be responsible for non-receipt of Towsure reward vouchers or post sent by us. We recommend that you use recorded delivery when sending important documentation to us.
27. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your legal rights.

Towsure Loyalty Scheme Data Policy

By being a member of the Towsure Loyalty Scheme will mean that Towsure may use transactional data on my account for the purposes of analysis and so that specific Towsure Loyalty offers may be made to you. You may opt-out of receiving Towsure Loyalty Scheme communications at any time by amending your preference settings on