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Festival Tents

Summertime is a great time to go to a festival, and what better way to experience the atmosphere than by camping with your friends? We have a great range of large tents for sale if you want to camp in the same tent; or we have smaller 3 man tents, 2 man tents or even a one person tent if you want to camp alone. We have the best festival tents for all your needs, along with plenty of accessories in our camping section.

For ease of use, pop up tents are the best choice. They can be erected in mere minutes so they don't leave you tangled in a mess of pegs, guylines and poles. You can get a pop up 3 man tent at a great prices, see our range of cheap pop up tents for you festival plans! If you like to feel more secure then browse our range of frame tents for sale, we have some cheap Vango tents that would be ideal for the veteran festival goer.

If you are camping with a big group of friends, then our large tents are the perfect solutions. Our tents go all the way up to a 20 man tent size, giving you plenty of space to store your bags while you are at the festival.

For a more solitary experience, then our range of one man tents are perfect for giving you your own space to relax when you're not out enjoying the festival. Our light tent selection of 1 person tents are also perfect for carrying with you if you go away or if you are travelling abroad. For the best backpacking tent see our 1 man tents range.

Visit our massive 2015 product sale for cheap pop up tents and other family tents for sale to find yourself a bargain before you book your festival tickets. Don't forget you can buy tents online at!

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