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Gas and charcoal barbecues from top brands such as Cadac. See our selection of portable barbecues and larger patio babecues - whatever your preference you can host the perfect barbecue at home or on the campsite.

Enjoy your favourite barbecue recipes, whether that be barbecue chicken, sausages, burgers and grilled vegetables cooked over charcoal or gas - your favourite barbecue recipes shared with family and friends

Choose between a charcoal grill and a gas grill depending on how you like to cook outdoors; some prefer the smoked flavour of food cooked over charcoal or wood chips that has a more distinct 'campfire' taste than food cooked over a gas flame - there is also a ritual surrounding the charcoal barbecuing experience. A gas bbq on the other hand, gives an instant and easily controllable heat, although cheaper models can have a less evenly distributed heat over the cooking area requiring moving the food around often for even cooking.  There is traditionally less cleaning involved after a gas barbecue with no spent coals to dispose of and easy-clean surfaces on the deluxe gas grill models

There is no right answer to the question "Which is better, a charcoal or a gas barbecue?" - it's purely down to personal choice although much animated discussion suggests that there will always be differences of opinion.  Whichever camp you are in, whatever your idea of a "true barbecue", there's an outdoor grill to suit you on sale at Towsure.